3 Great Christmas Gifts For Someone In An Assisted Living Facility

While buying a Christmas gift for anyone can be challenging, if you’re looking to get a Christmas gift for a loved one living in an assisted living facility, you might wonder what could be helpful, useful, or even wanted by them. So to help you find a gift that will make them happy and their life a little easier or more enjoyable, here are three great Christmas gifts for someone in an assisted living facility. 

Something To Keep Them Warm

As people get older, they often have a harder time keeping themselves warm, especially in the cold winter months. Knowing this, you may want to give your loved one the gift of warmth by buying or making them something that will help keep them warm.

Many people who live in assisted living facilities don’t have control over the temperature in their room. So if they feel too cold, they’ll need things like warm clothes, blankets, slippers, and more to help keep them comfortable. So if you’re wanting to get your loved one a gift that they’ll likely use everyday, a gift such as this could be a great option. 

A Digital Picture Frame/Photo Album

Your loved one living in an assisted living facility likely doesn’t get visitors as much as they would like. And while they might enjoy getting to speak to their friends and family on the phone, actually seeing their faces can bring them great joy. 

To make this more of a common occurrence, you may want to look into getting them a digital picture frame or photo album of pictures of their favorite people. By getting this for them rather than just a traditional picture frame or photo album, they can see multiple pictures cycled through their album during the day. This way, they won’t have to take up too much space in their small room with a lot of photos while still getting to see those photos easily. 

Something To Care For

While your loved one may be living in a facility that gives them assistance and care, they might enjoy being able to care for something of their own, too.

If this sounds like something your loved one has been missing, you may want to get them a small plant or a bird feeder to hang outside of their window. With a small plant that’s easy to care for, like a succulent, your loved one can care for the plant and see it grow without too much responsibility. And if you get them a bird feeder, they can sit and watch the birds come and go as both a form of entertainment and a sense of caregiving themselves. 

If you have a loved one living in an assisted living facility, consider using the ideas presented above to get them the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. 

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