Corporate Gift Giving: How to Make it Right

The concept of presenting clients with corporate gifts is quite interesting. Corporate gifts offer companies that chance to build a lasting relationship with clients. Clients remember gifts they get during seminars, corporate gatherings, success parties, and others. In fact, everybody loves gifts and you can also buy gifts for your employees.

But, picking a corporate gift is usually easier said than done. Great gifts help in strengthening relationships and the bad ones can ruin these. Thus, you must pick your gifts wisely. When shopping for corporate gifts for clients, employees, or business partners, below are some tips to make it right:

Consider your Recipient’s Preference

You should not purchase a gift without knowing what your recipient may like. Even if you have met them just once, you may already have an idea of what they like. You need to understand their ideas and principles. Think about their beliefs and practices. Understanding your client better will help you purchase the right gift. Give a gift that they will cherish and one that lasts for years to come. Even if you give edible gifts, your recipients will surely keep a beautifully designed container.

Offer Personalised Gifts

Personalised corporate gifts can help in creating a lasting impression. Look for suppliers of custom gifts such as Delices Erable et cie to ensure you come up with gifts that suit your recipient’s personality.  You can get an inspirational message or quote printed on the gift or your company logo engrained on it.

Don’t Go Overboard with Branding

Even if you are sending out gifts for promotional purposes, try to take it easy. As much as possible, do not turn corporate gifting into a branding exercise. It is usually acceptable to get your logo printed on the gift but don’t limit it here. The idea is to maintain a lasting relationship with whoever you want to give the gifts to. Keep in mind that a healthy corporate relationship is paramount to a solid business partnership. 

Stick to Your Budget

Giving many gifts add up to the cost. When setting a budget, ensure you include the cost of every item. From designing the gift to wrapping it, every step includes a certain cost in addition to the price of the item itself.  If you are aware of your company’s financial situation, you can easily keep corporate gifting under budget. You just have to make sure you send thoughtful and high-quality gifts without hurting your wallet.

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