Lightweight Sarees That Every Woman Must Own

Sarees have been a part of every woman’s festive wardrobe no matter what the occasion is. Slaying the saree look is all about carrying it with utter grace and confidence. However, some women may find it difficult to carry around a saree, especially on a long day. Therefore, every saree-lover needs to own a lightweight saree. Lightweight sarees are not only extremely easy to drape and carry, but also look super chic and stylish. There are several lightweight sarees online that you can choose from.

Mentioned below are a few lightweight sarees that you can style and slay with minimal effort and utmost finesse. 

1. Mysore Silk 

Mysore silk sarees are extremely easy to drape and handle. They are not only lightweight but also provide an alluring and stylish look. They are vibrant in colour yet minimal in design. They provide a smooth and soft texture, making them comfortable to wear for a long event. 

2. Chanderi Handloom 

In contemporary times, when women prioritize their comfort over everything else, Chanderi sarees are a must-have! They are super manageable and add an effortless charm to your demeanour. They are extremely high-quality, and the fabric oozes a unique shine and texture. 

3. Chiffon

Chiffon sarees have been made famous by our very own Bollywood movies and every woman aspires to own one. They are lightweight, flowy and will flatter your curves giving an alluring look. Another great aspect of these sarees is that you can style them in several ways! 

4. Shibori Sarees 

These lightweight sarees are a magical amalgamation of traditional and contemporary. If you are a fan of tie-dye, then these sarees are made just for your taste! The tie-dye pattern gives a very edgy and voguish look that one can never go wrong with! 

5. Art Silk

If you are someone who does not wear sarees very often, then an art silk saree is just the right choice for you! They are extremely easy to wear and look effortlessly gorgeous. They are lightweight and breathable and can be worn with ease throughout the day. 

6. Leheriya 

Stripes have never really gone out of fashion and hence, leheriya sarees continue to rule. These lightweight sarees are a dream come true for the young, modern woman who wants to slay the traditional look without moving out of their comfort zone. They come in several eye-catching colours and look phenomenal in every way! 

7. Organza 

Organza sarees have recently created quite a storm and how! These lightweight sarees have become popular among the youth because of their breathability and sheer elegance. The various modish prints on these sarees further enhance the look making these sarees are a much-needed addition to your wardrobe. 

8. Satin Saree 

Satin sarees are crafted exclusively for captivating women who can carry them with the utmost confidence. These sarees can effortlessly upgrade your persona and give you a magnetic look. They are extremely lightweight and provide a rich and feminine look. 

9. Georgette 

Georgette sarees have always been an integral part of the fashion world and they have managed to stay. They are not only super glamorous and elegant but are also lightweight and breathable. They can be styled in several ways and are a fashion investment that every woman needs to make!

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