Softside Waterbeds Foundations, Heaters, and DIY With Maximum Health Benefits

Sterling Sleep Systems provides quality soft bed options that give their clients maximum benefits. A softside water bed looks like a regular mattress, with the difference being that it has a water mattress fitted inside. The mattress offers the health benefits of having a waterbed mattress and the traditional mattress inconvenience. The soft beds have a lifespan of up to fifteen years, with the possibility of serving an individual for an extended period when well has taken care of. The beds come with interchangeable parts and there are quite a number of them depending on the unique needs of every individual. The softside waterbeds include the 8300 Plush Top Soft Side Waterbed Top and the 8400 Pillow Top Soft Side Waterbed Top. For the waterbeds to function well, there shouldn’t be any leakages, hence the importance of having them checked for leakages occasionally.

Waterbed foundations

Waterbed foundations and frames provide the guidelines that facilitate the stability of the waterbeds. Sterling Sleep Systems understands the importance of having well-created soft side waterbeds and thus provides premium mattress foundations for all sizes. The professionals stand out from their competitors because they use the traditional box springs. The foundation must be strong enough to support the water beds for them to perform to the desired levels, and the spring foundations provide the best support. The stability of the foundation and frames makes it difficult to cause a body dip on the frame, interfering with the overall comfort. The frames further enhance mattress support, making it possible to support the body weight without toppling or causing discomfort to the user. An example of a provided frame is the heavy-duty 9-legged metal bed frame with headboard brackets.

Waterbed heaters

Waterbed heaters come in handy during cold seasons, such as winter, where the temperatures become unbearable. Softside waterbed heaters made by Backer Heating Technologies have been proven to be the best-designed and safest heaters on the market. The heaters consist of etched foil copper circuits, which offer the bed users quality heat distribution. The heaters guarantee safety and quality to offer the required heating service to the bed users at the desired times. Also, depending on the user’s budget, Backer Heating technologies have the right heater that yields maximum results.

Waterbed safety liners and accessories

For the mattress to serve the user for an extended period, it is essential to take good care of it at all times. The softside waterbeds have safety liners and accessories that keep the bed in perfect condition at all times, making the waterbed a simple and eco-friendly option to achieve comfort throughout without any challenges. Also, the firm bed setup using a proper foundation further enhances the bed’s durability.

DIY options

The softside waterbeds have a well-highlighted assembling process that facilitates the do-it-yourself (DIY) option. Depending on the size of the bed, users receive a highlighted step-by-step process which, when followed to the letter, results in a firm and durable bed that doesn’t break or has body dipping points that make the bed not support their weight.

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